Ashton and Joel Kiesner

Overlooking the rolling hills covered in the morning’s fog on the track at Kiesner Training, it’s effortless to reflect on the impact the training and breeding facility has had on the Arabian Horse industry. The visible compounds represent the many facets of their work: open arena windows that look into where countless National Champions have made their preparations, the isles leading into the show barns where the industry’s most exemplary stallions stand, the breeding barns that house the foals destined to refine and enhance breeding programs, and the office that accommodates all who have a fun passion for Arabian horses, as well as the HQ for the inimitable management of the entire operation.

Joel and Ashton Kiesner are seldom absent from the show ring, putting forth a performance with some of the best horses to date, but behind the scenes, spending a day at Kiesner Training makes it apparent the work and care that is put into the show. Away from the usual show environment for most in the industry, seen are the fond moments and memories between Team Kiesner that occur along the patient and understanding journey of taking each horse to their fullest potential, which makes itself apparent in the barn’s show record. Among their dedication of training and showing, the breeding expertise implemented into years of foal crops has already shaped the direction of the industry, providing others with horses who are able to guide breeding programs and ignite awe in the show ring. The stallions at Kiesner Training have made an undeniable impact attributed to the masterly training by the husband-and-wife duo, care from the attentive grooms, and unequaled management of the breeding program run by Ashton.

However, on the track, a moment is provided in which to center oneself, and to recall the fundamental reasons for the almost ludicrous thought and care that is put into this operation, Kiesner Training’s reasons, that is the love and admiration of the Arabian Horse.

Located in the picturesque Great Smoky Mountains, their  state-of-the art facility reflects their commitment to the welfare and development of the horses in their care.  The farm is equipped with a 44 stall barn, full service vet station, eurosizer, indoor arena and round pen. To accommodate their clients, they also have a client lounge that has full viewing access to the indoor arena. Kiesner Training has been designed to cater to the needs of both horse and rider. Contact us today to learn more about our services and the sale horses available at Kiesner Training.


Standing At Stud:

Kiesner Training

Joel and Ashton Kiesner

3418 Miser Station Road
Louisville, TN. 37777
Ashton Cell: 865-556-0412




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