Kiesner Training specializes in English performance training.  Full training and conditioning are offered, as well as all other services to support the complete show experience.  Each horse is individually evaluated to tailor a custom program to maximize talent and ability.



Joel Kiesner

Saxton DGLJoel Kiesner has been in the saddle for most of his life.  He stems from a long lineage of talented horsemen.  His lifelong experience has evolved into training methods focused on maximizing the best assets and talent of the Arabian horse.  Artistry is also an important fundamental in Joel’s approach to everything .  Very much like the saying form follows function, Joel utilizes that complete approach to each and every individual horse he works with.  It is this approach that has resulted in some of the most memorable show ring performances by some of the industry’s most talented horses.             

   Joel’s exceptional talent and abilities have made the Arabian horse industry take notice.  The Arabian Professional and Amateur Horseman Association has awarded Joel Professional Horseman of the Year in 2006 and Saddle Seat Trainer Male of the Year for 2006, 2005, and 2003.  Joel also won the prestigious 2003 Honorary Horseman awarded by the USEF.  In addition to these accolades, Joel has accumulated countless National and Regional honors. He has won every major National title in English Pleasure, Country English Pleasure, Park and Driving.  



 Ashton Kiesner

Ashton Kiesner

Ashton Kiesner grew up in Miami Florida showing Arabian Horses with John Rannenberg, Alfee Pelchat, Sally Shaw and Doree Lamb. She spent her Summers working at the barn and going to shows with Rohara Arabians and Liz Langford Arabians; showing as a Jr. rider/handler in Halter, English, Western and Hunter. She went to school at Centre College in Danville, KY. In 1995, she moved to Atlanta, GA. where she met Joel. In 1997 Joel and Ashton moved to Eastover South Carolina where they got married and bought their own farm.

In 2000, they moved to Friendsville, TN, where their first child Alexis was born. In 2005 Joel and Ashton welcomed their second child, Ellawynn, and bought 65 acres and built their own farm which has 62 stalls and acres of pasture land. Ashton has received National Championships and Reserve National Championships as well as Top Tens in Purebred Country English Pleasure Open, Purebred Country English Pleasure Jr. Horse, Purebred English Pleasure Jr. Horse, Purebred English Pleasure Futurity, H/A English Pleasure Jr. Horse, H/A Country English Pleasure Open and Jr. Horse, H/A Hunter Pleasure Jr. Horse, Purebred Hunter Pleasure Open.




Kiesner Training Price List


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Show Training

$1,500.00 - per month

Pasture Board with Feed

$650.00   - per month


$1,100.00 - per month

Stall Board

$900.00    - per month






Commerical Rate

Photograph Preparation


Photograph Stand-up/Ride fee


Body Clipping


Lessons (over 4/month)


Sellers Agent Fee

15% of sale price payable at time of sale

Strongid C2x, Daily Wormer


Wormer (paste) every 2 months


Video Editing and Uploading to website or social media


Buggy Rental


Bedding, feed store charges, Early Arrival Fees, Mats, pre-bed and Disinfecting, Magnawave

Billed as charged

Farrier/Veterinarian Charges (plus holding fee if applicable)

Billed as charged

When paying with a Credit card, 4% will be added to the total or you may pay through Quickbooks as a bank draft.

Training and conditioning fees are billed at the first of the month and are due when billed.  All horses whose bills are 30 days in arrears will be sent home or put on board until such time as the bill is paid in full.  No horse will be trained if payments are not current.

Show fees include all trainers’ and grooms’ expenses and horse preparation charges.  Entry fees, office and drug fees, non-member fees, bedding at shows, layover charges, pro-rated tack and groom stalls, patronship, decoration at show and hauling fees are to be paid by the owner and are not included in the show fee.  Show fees are billed 30 days in advance and are due two weeks prior to departure.  Non-payment may result in your horse not being shown.

All horses are required to have a current negative Coggins, all inoculations and to be dewormed every 60 days, all of which will be administered by Kiesner’s Veterinarian and regulated by Kiesner.

All prize money will be retained by the client.

All prices are subject to change without notification.


Class A Show


Regional Show




Youth Nationals


U.S. Nationals



Standing At Stud:

Kiesner Training

Joel and Ashton Kiesner

3418 Miser Station Road
Louisville, TN. 37777
Ashton Cell: 865-556-0412




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